Saturday, July 11, 2009


at your mercy
held up by hope
resting on trust
in your arms

hungry for the real you

i can feel your nearness
i know you're right here
i can even feel the light
of your face smiling on me

let my life smile back at you

the little girl with curls
in the middle of the joy
caught up in that sunshine
that shines just because

i can't be satisfied with
the stale life
i have seen the real gems
peeking through the people

i've felt new pain
old pain that opened my eyes
to see more than i use to
i don't want to sleep the sleep of ignorance

but to know you more
in the power of your resurrection
and in the fellowship of your suffering

to be where you are
go where you go
among the people
i see you

guide us, good shepherd

your sheep hear your voice
we're your sheep
and we're listening
and we're listening

you're the servant of all


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