Thursday, August 20, 2009


I anticipate the morning joy
It's like it's almost here
Like it's still dark outside
But the birds have already
Started waking up and singing
Dawn is around the corner.

It feels like hope
Waiting in the wings
Of a fresh day ahead
Mercies are new every morning!

Can it be that this dark night of my soul
Could soon be over?
My hope is for the joy
That comes in the morning.

I sigh at the remembrance
Of the mountains and the valleys
I've come through in the dark
What a trip!

My faith says it's worth it
It will always be worth it

I sigh at the memory
Of a Faithfulness
That wrapped comfort all around me

I remember loss
And the utter fullness I felt
I remember loss
And the utter emptiness I felt

Is that Faithfulness, is that Closeness
Is that Beautifulness
I knew to be You.

My imagination can only try
To paint a picture
Of the miracle of a coming moment
When I'll hold life,
When I'll hold joy
When I"ll hold the fruit
And the sun will shine on me

The miracle of that coming moment
When I'll hold a joyful shining light
In my own hands.