Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Of Terranova

i remember
the day i met you
down by the water
the sun was dancing
off your hair...
twisty twirly curls
escaping from their rightful place

i remember
a smiling face
crowned by one glorious braid
shining eyes met mine
and it felt like we could be sisters

i remember
long days at the shop
by the joy of two friends
stopping in to say hello...
somehow you helped me
to keep breathing

i remember
a sunset wedding
humility and wonder
on the River Nile...
God was there
and i'm glad i could be too

i remember
sharing the first glimpse
of a joyful life inside me

(you know you helped us name her)

spaghetti at our house,
and talking and laughing
Walking on Water
and talking and laughing...
crocheting and flavours
and trials and tears...
the learning and growing
and the rareness
of knowing someone understands

i remember
memories that go down
in the history of our hearts
that make up who we are
and leave their mark on our souls

when your heart bleeds
i feel it
when your heart learns
i grow too

eternal things
are what knit us together
we really are sisters
and we will be forever